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Kevin Peer
Board Certified Consulting Hypnotist

Kind Words From My Clients

I am grateful for the positive feedback that I receive from my clients - it is the "icing on the cake" of the fulfillment I experience through helping my clients to make significant and lasting positive changes in their lives.

Here is a sampling of what my clients have to say about working with me:

My ultimate goal is to help you to access and befriend the source of your own inner "light" of wisdom, healing and intelligence..

My ultimate goal is to help you to access and befriend the source of your own inner "light" of wisdom, healing and intelligence..

  • “His work is organic in that he gathers story, with all it’s emotional and energetic content, and sorts it through his field of experience with archetypes and anthropology and a compassionate understanding of human life. I have done many years of “process work”, and I can attest to Kevin’s intuitive intelligence and his trustworthiness in this realm. I am grateful for his skill as a guide, as I have traveled to the tenderest of places inside of myself and come back with a new perception of wholeness. - L.P. in Island Mountain, CA

  • "Working with you is speeding my healing process along and has enriched my relationship to that healing process: opened it, deepened it, broadened it, and allowed me to understand that anything I do that is wonderful for myself spiritually is going to affect me physically in positive ways. This work isn’t just changing my relationship to my illness, it’s changing the way I look at all aspects of my life, at the way I express myself, and it’s opening up possibilities that were formerly closed because I had blockages inside of me that Kevin helped me uncover and resolve, and parts of me that were splintered off that have now been brought back into the fold of wholeness." - R.R in Marshall, NC

  • “Kevin spoke to all of my knowing, and educated me as well. He helped bring back the healing process to me anew, refreshed, and close to my heart once again. If you know what healing looks like for you, and need help to feel it again, in the present moment, Kevin can meet you there fully. He will set a large table where all significant aspects have a place; both the dark and painful, but also the unique and rare within you. I was so lucky to get to work with him and I feel our work together truly did re-align my inner life in ways that are critical to me now. Life is forever a journey, a journey with compassion as it's first truth. Thank you forever Kevin Peer!”- K.M. in San Antonio, Texas

  • "I've been a trained certified hypnotherapist for over 20 years. I've experienced this wonderful healing modality as both practitioner and client. I've recently been working with Kevin on several of my current issues and find him to be a gifted professional who has helped me tremendously. I would highly recommend Kevin Peer to anyone who seeks to heal themselves in an atmosphere of caring and trust. Thank you Kevin for your extraordinary abilities and compassion." - H.H. in Briceland, CA